Who Is Mario In Super Mario Bros ?

Super Mario Bros

Japanese Video game developer, Shigeru Miyamoto designed the most famous and loved character of the video gaming universe. Almost everyone who has a passion for video games has played Mario once or they know about Mario, the fictional cartoon character of the bygone era.

Nintendo, the leading video game developing company of Japan has Mario as their mascot. More than 200 video games have been made on Mario since he was created by Miyamoto. He is a short-heighted and portly plumber of Italian descent who lives in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Generally, the gameplay featuring Mario consists of Mario rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser, a Koopa villain. He is accompanied by his twin brother Luigi in all his adventures that he navigates through different abilities and power-ups.

His younger brother is taller than him and they were brought up in Brooklyn, New York. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island reveals how Mario was taken by a stork and transported to the Mushroom Kingdom in his infancy. Miyamoto divulged his age to be 25 years old in a 2005 interview.

Super Mario Bros

Mario was conceptualised as a player character for Donkey Kong in 1981. Miyamoto planned to use Popeye as the main jumper character in the platform game. He could not have the licensing rights so he got an idea to create Mario.
Miyamoto did not expect that the character would become so popular. His true intention was to create it to appear as a cameo. He initially named it Mr Video. He earned his name Mario from Mario Segale.

However, Mario’s appearance is inspired to fit into the Donkey Kong series. He was inducted into Super Mario which were a series of platform games. Eventually, Mario appeared finally in the Super Mario Bros arcade game in 1985.
Charles Martinet has been making Mario come alive on screen through his hilarious voice-over since 1992 initially featuring in Mario’s Game Gallery and Super Mario 64. After Super Mario Bros, Mario games split into different themed games.


Some of the famous themes are: –

• Puzzle games- Dr Mario
• Role Playing games- Paper Mario and Mario Luigi
• Sports games- Mario Kart and Mario Tennis.

The character has also appeared in crossover fighting games such as Super Smash Bros. DIC Entertainment produced 3 series of animated films featuring Mario. Bob Hopkins portrayed it in the Super Mario Bros movie of 1993. Chris Pratt will be voicing the legendary character in the latest 2022 adaption of the game in a movie.
Mario is looked at as a popular pop-culture icon given by the video gaming industry. Fans are always looking for clothing, soft toys and other merchandise based on the character. People have named their children and places after the Super Mario Bros characters. The game has sold over 750 million copies of consoles and is leading the race of bestselling video game franchises.

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