How To Navigate The ‘New World’?

New World

Video game players pining for a more rough and tough experience will like Amazon’s New World which provides ample opportunity for players to move around. Aeternum has no mounts and neither you can reach there by taking flight.

It’s all about how much ground can players cover through their feet. However, as time-consuming as it may sound, the game comes with added features by which players can speed up their walking spright, just like DC’s Flash. This article talks about different ways to speed up the travelling process and improve prospects of mobility while exploring Aeternum.

How to travel fast?

Players can travel from one settlement to another by paying the cost in the New World. To speed up the process, players must locate a Spirit Shrine that sits at different locations along with the map of Aeternum. But, all of the fast travellings comes at a cost. Players must also keep the following things in mind while doing that: –

• The player can only fast travel to a settlement or a shrine that they have visited before.
• The player can only fast travel to another location either from a settlement or a spirit shrine.
• Azoth, which is used for crafting, can come in handy in travelling fast. It is scarce in the initial levels of the game.
• The number of Azoth’s unite to be used in fast travelling is determined by the weight of your character in the

gameplay and the distance to be covered. It also depends on the fact that which faction has control of the settlement you want to travel to.

Azoth must be used only in special cases of need in the initial levels because fats travelling eats Azoth out quickly from the player’s stash. If you have plenty, you can cut the chase from 20 minutes to a few minutes.

Inn recall

Inn recall

The player’s character will be assigned a Home Inn that he can visit once per hour. To change the initially assigned inn, players can talk to the Inn Keeper to register there as a guest. Players can choose any inn from any settlement to be made as to their recall inn. Players can only visit it when it’s off cooldown. It is advised to not cast a recall spell as it is time-consuming in a situation that needs quick action.


Sometimes, dying can be a better option than spending Azoth to reach somewhere. Usually, if a character dies in the forest, he is respawned at his camp. The player can respawn at the nearest town if his base camp is 500m away. Players can use this trick at initial levels. However, dying too frequently damages the worth of items in the bag except for the tools. The cost of repairing and acquiring new gear increases as the level increases. So, dying should be the last option that should be used judiciously.

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